General Service

Car servicing is a necessity when you own a vehicle. You need to look after  your vehicle to ensure that you get the best life out of your investment. At Twin Cities Automotive you get the service your vehicle requires.

Many vehicles are very reliable these days with only general services required. General services are the basic maintenance repairs that are required to keep your vehicle on the road. These services are:-
– Changing oil, filter and other fluids in the vehicle
– Vehicle safety inspections to ensure that the vehicle has no other problems
– Tyre inspection such as rotating tires to checking Tyre pressures
– Wheel alignment checks
– Small repairs such as changing bulbs,wiper blades, fan belts

Log Book servicing is when your vehicle is serviced as per the manufacturers recommended services. These services are generally carried out to maintain new car warranty while the vehicle is in the warranty period. While many people may ignore these suggestions and only carry out general servicing after the warranty period has expired.
If you overlook those general service appointments you will most likely find yourself at a repair workshop with very costly repairs at a very inconvenient time. Making a small investment into preventative maintenance can help to save you from a world of pain later, and has your vehicle running in good condition..