Essential Service

Twin Cities Automotive

Coronavirus Update

Due to the latest Government discussions to lock down all non-essential services, Twin Cities Automotive have taken the view that mechanical services is an essential service to keep the country moving. The industry must remain open to support emergency vehicles, essential transportation services and those that will need to support the most vulnerable members of our community. Emergency vehicles, medical supply, food and other transportation will require time critical replacement parts and urgent repair.

Twin Cities Automotive have put practices in place to carry on responsible during this crisis.

If any of our valued customers require help during these unforeseen events, please let us know. We will be providing a pick up and drop off service to anyone that requires this type of help to keep our elderly and vulnerable customers safe during this time.

Ford Ignition Problem

Do you own a Ford Falcon or Territory with ignition switch problems?

We can now repair Ford ignition switches without replacing the whole steering column. If the engine intermittently starts or the key doesn’t return from the start position it is usually the ignition switch causing the problem. Twin Cities Automotive can rebuild the ignition switches saving you hundreds of dollars.

Holden VZ Commodore ECU problems

Has your VZ commodore been not starting lately? Sometimes it starts and at times it doesn’t. Do you get a warning on the instrument cluster ‘Service Vehicle Soon’ , ‘Fuel Gauge Error’ ?

It is probably a faulty ECU…. These ECU’s have many problems that require their replacement.

The fix is to have a new or reconditioned ECU fitted and programmed to the vehicle..