Safety Certificates

When purchasing a used or 2nd hand vehicle in Queensland, you require a current Safety Certificate to register or transfer ownership. The exact requirements of each certificate are going to depend upon the vehicle that is being registered or transferred.
Safety Certificate Inspections look at the safe working conditions of the vehicle on the road.

Few of the basics inspection items:

– That all the lights work and don’t have broken lenses
– That the steering and suspension has no worn components
– The brakes must work to a prescribed standard (testing done by brake tester)
– All wheels and tyres must suit vehicle and be in good condition
– The windscreen must have no cracks or stone chips
– All the seat belts must work correctly
– Engine must not leak any fluids onto the ground
– Exhaust systems must have no leaks

This is only an inspection for safety related items on your vehicle. This is not an inspection for the ongoing maintenance of the vehicle.

All Safety Certificates are now online, which sends a copy to Queensland Transport when completed..