Fuel Injection Repairs

When servicing engines, fuel injection repairs are a common repair that is needed by many who drive into our shop. When your entire fuel injection system goes bad, you will find yourself unable to drive the car. In fact, the car will not even start for most people. With this being said, there are some signs that you can watch out for that indicate there could be an issue present. This can help you to get this vehicle into the garage before the fuel injectors completely go bad. The most common signs include:

– Odor in the vehicle that smells like gasoline or diesel
– You may notice that the vehicle does not have the get up and go that it once did
– The engine may stutter when the accelerator pedal is pushed down
– The check engine light often comes on

When any of these signs are present, this vehicle needs to be checked as soon as possible. The injector testing will tell us what the problem is and then help us to solve it. In most cases, fuel injectors must be replaced, along with fuel filters in many cases. In fact, fuel filters are often the first thing to change, as these are the cheaper alternative, and these can go bad in a variety of ways, such as if you were to get dirty fuel, or if the fuel tank has a lot of sludge and debris that has clogged the filter.

We provide fuel injector servicing to a variety of vehicles. We even have provided racing injectors in those vehicles simply meant for recreational or professional use as well. You can rest assure that your vehicle is in good hands and will get repaired in a timely manner so that you can get back on the road.