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Feeling the heat this summer, Imagine hot, humid temperatures outside and when stepping into a vehicle, it is not cool. Instead, it is almost 20 degrees higher in temperature compared to what it is outside. This is the reality for those who are having air conditioning issues.

In most cases, a vehicle is often much warmer than what it is outside, due to the vehicle attracting the Sun’s rays, producing more heat inside of the vehicle. Having an air conditioner that does nothing or even blows out hot air can be a huge negative.

Running your AC during winter can help maintain the system seals and hoses in good working order. Air conditioning systems have seals and hoses that can dry out or crack when not used, which leads to A/C gas leaks and poor performance.

Why put yourself through this? When it comes to air conditioners on your vehicle, we can service these so that they are running efficiently and produce that cool air that you so desperately want on those hot days in North Queensland.

There are several reasons why an air conditioner may need service:

  •  The A/C gas may simply need to be refilled, which usually means that there is a leak somewhere
  •  The compressor or a multiple of other components may not be working correctly, meaning that the air    conditioner blows hot air through the vents into the vehicle
  •  There may be cabin filters that may be blocked and require changing

When you visit Twin Cities Automotive, licenced air conditioning mechanics will perform a series of checks, repairs and replacements to get your air conditioner working efficiently again.

If your car air conditioner hasn’t been serviced for a long time, now is the time..