Transmission Servicing

The transmission of any vehicle is a necessity to ensure that the vehicle is running properly. A transmission with issues results in the vehicle not driving correctly and can eventually lead to the vehicle stalling and simply stopping. Therefore, when you first start to see signs of transmission trouble, you bring this to our local mechanics who are certified with working with this issue. The problem is that many people see the signs in their vehicle but simply think these signs are just the vehicle getting older.

The Signs of Transmission Trouble

There are three main signs that showcase our transmission is in trouble and needs repairing.
These signs are:

1. Feeling vibrations or hearing noises from the transmission. When the transmission shifts into a new gear if you feel this vibration in the steering or even hear a grinding noise, this could be one of the first signs that there needs to be a repair completed to stop this issue.
2. If you see stains on the ground or puddles of fluid underneath your car, this could be transmission fluid. If the stain is red in color, this is transmission fluid. This can lead to the noises and vibrations getting worse. Thus, it is best to bring it into the shop to be checked out.
3. If the vehicle is overheating and you have the above symptoms too, then it is often too late to do a simple repair on the transmission. This may require the transmission to be complete rebuilt as many elements may have already gotten too hot and are not functioning as they should.

Servicing your vehicle should be an enjoyable and affordable experience, which is what we offer. Our trusted mechanics can check for transmission issues and repair these so you do not get to the point that you are without a vehicle permanently.