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The most technology advanced workshop in North Queensland
When it comes to Diagnostic Equipment, we have the most technology advanced workshop in North Queensland. Investing heavily in this area with equipment and training, we are at the cutting edge of computer diagnostics in the modern vehicle. With Dealer Level diagnostic equipment, we are fast and efficient at identifying vehicle problems. Vehicle warning lights come on for a reason and we have the equipment and knowledge to repair your vehicle. We are just a short walk to Castletown where you can shop while your vehicle is getting the attention it needs. Our policy is that no service work is undertaken, until you the customer has agreed to the work beforehand. So if your car is giving trouble or it just needs a routine service, give us a call now and book your vehicle in to our service centre and we will assist you with all your car servicing and repair needs.

General Service

Your car always feels better after a service. We are experts in vehicle servicing. Services carried out at regular intervals will keep […]


Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle Inspection A vehicle inspection is more of a general inspection that covers the maintenance requirements of your vehicle. These […]


Airbag Repairs

Airbag Repairs Airbags are important safety features that are included on all new vehicles that are hitting the market. Airbags […]


Log Book Service

Maintain your log book service. A log book service that is recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. These services are to […]



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