Maintain your log book service.

A log book service that is recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. These services are to preserve your vehicle’s new car warranty and keep your car the best condition.

A log book contains all the service information for your vehicle. It outlines to your mechanic on exactly what needs to be done at that specific service interval. It is recommended that You as the car owner also familiarise themselves with their log book so that you understand what is required in servicing your vehicle.

Twin Cities Automotive can look after your log book servicing of your vehicle. We have on-going training,  keeping technicians up to date with modern vehicle technologies. We also invest heavily in computerized equipment that is required to service many vehicle today. Only quality products are used by Twin Cities Automotive, which are subject to our quality standards to make sure only good quality parts are fitted to your vehicle. Genuine parts are fitted at the owners request if required.

New car – Warranty

Many people are told that they must go back to the manufacturer for log book servicing to maintain the warranty. You can  have your log book service carried out by any professional workshop of your choice. The workshop can’t carry out and warranty repairs on behalf of the manufacturer. Twin Cities Automotive will be able to carry out your Log Book Service using only quality or genuine parts and protect your new car warranty at the same time..