Key and Fob Programming

For vehicles that have keyless entry, there are times in which these key fobs need reprogramming. For those who have the ability to use a keypad lock system, they can still get into their vehicles, but they are going to find that the fob becomes useless. In other cases, the loss of a key fob results in having to purchase a new one, which will be required to be programmed to unlock and lock your vehicle. For those who have a computer chip in their keys, they are also going to find that there many times in which this must be reprogrammed to properly run the vehicle.

Key Fob Programming

Why do these items often have to be programmed again? There are several reasons ranging from loss to a computer chip error in the key that has malfunctioned. When these issues occur, most people are surprised. The reason being is that they may not show any sign of having issues. There are those few people who find that the key or fob may stop working properly a few days before they stop. However, in most cases, people simply write this off as a one-time issue.

So how do we fix these problems? We have the tools and technology to go into these keys and fobs to ensure that they are working properly. If the key and fob is the issue, when they reprogram to what the manufacturer had these initially programmed at. When these are correctly programmed it allows for your vehicle to work flawlessly, meaning less headaches and ensuring that you are on your way when you need to be. When you first start noticing issues, be sure to stop by and see what our trained mechanics can do to ensure that you never must worry about being locked out or your vehicle not starting.