Airbag Repairs

Repairs to all Airbag systems

Airbag Repairs

Airbags are important safety features that are included on all new vehicles that are hitting the market. Airbags are often the one factor that protects a person in the event of a crash. However, there are times in which these airbags need repairing. In situations in which these airbags have been deployed, such as if the vehicle was involved in a crash, it requires that the airbags be replaced back into the dashboard and steering wheel. Along with the side areas of the vehicle in those vehicles equipped with side airbags as well.

How is this done? It cannot be done by just anyone. The proper tools must be utilized, and the right expertise to ensure that they will deploy when they are meant to, and operate correctly to avoid deploying when not expected. Thus, this is not a job in which you should give to anyone, only a trained mechanic can do this for you.

There are also situations in which airbags or their sensors simply need to repaired for faults. There are several components that go into making an airbag work as it should, including sensors and modules. If one of these modules or sensors were to go bad, it would mean that your airbag would not deploy when it was needed, leaving you vulnerable.

When it comes to your safety, you cannot put any repair off. If your airbag light in the instrument cluster is on, Twin Cities Automotive has the knowledge to get your airbag system repaired. So that you always feel protected while behind the wheel.